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Booking Information

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For information on booking hornist Thomas Bacon as soloist in recital or with orchestra or other ensemble; or for master classes, etc. see:

Bacon Bookings

For information on booking The Golden Horn in concert or as part of a Residency, see:

Golden Bookings

Bookings for the
Saint Louis Brass Quintet
Summit Brass
are handled by:

Primo Concerts


For info on
Opus 90
"new directions in
American chamber music"

Lyn Reyna, Director
phone: 408-245-4798


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Bacon Bookings

Thomas Bacon is available for many different activities as a hornist and master teacher:

Horn soloist with - Master Classes, Clinics and Workshops on a variety of topics:
  • "How to Play the Horn"
  • "Practice Smarter Not Harder"
  • "Stage Presence" (or "Love your audience, and they'll love you!")
  • presentations for all types of audiences

For more information on booking Thomas Bacon
or The Golden Horn, contact:

Michael Alben
Hornplanet Productions

Guidelines on fees

For fee information for the Saint Louis Brass Quintet, Summit Brass, "A Brassy Night at the Opera" or Opus 90, see the appropriate contact, above.  For fees to engage Thomas Bacon or The Golden Horn, read on:

Mr. Bacon works with a wide variety of people and organizations, all with different financial situations, audience sizes, and needs.  Each situation is different so it is impossible to set a flat fee.  His performing and teaching style is unique and represents many years of experience worldwide in performance and pedagogy.

Interested presenters are asked to research what other world class artists are paid in their region and by their organization, and to approach potential sponsors if needed to aid in funding.  Then offer a fee that is respectful and befitting a professional in the top of the field.

See what some presenters have said about Thomas Bacon here.

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