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Press Quotes
about Thomas Bacon:

"Preeminent horn soloist..."   --St. Louis Post Dispatch

"...earned highest praise for consummate playing..." --Salzburger Volksblatt

"One revels in the clear, musical, unflawed playing of Thomas Bacon's French horn."  --Houston Chronicle

"...exquisite..." --Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin

"Thomas Bacon, a horn player with impeccable pitch, faultlessly intuitive phrasing and a core to his sound that is substantive yet translucent, has a new compact disc .... it's called The Complete Hornist. While with some players that title would be a brag, with Bacon it is merely an apt description." --The Arizona Republic

"...superior musical insight and beautiful tone..."  --Houston Post

"The disc is filled with extraordinary playing, by Thomas Bacon and eight other hornists... seldom have horns conjured up so much excitement."  --Fanfare Magazine

"...exhilarating tour de force..."  --Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Britten's Serenade opened the concert...with horn soloist Thomas Bacon performing brilliantly on both the valveless and conventional French horns..." --The Arizona Republic

"...beautiful dreamlike playing..."  --Die Welt, Berlin

"(In Mozart's 1st Concerto) he played with a robust beauty of tone and technique, and his buoyant interpretation, especially of the jaunty Rondo, had a heraldic 'hunting horn' quality. This exuberance of spirit made the Strauss Concerto even more joyously penetrating. Bacon's tone took on the liquidly incandescent color and texture of honey just warm enough to pour..."   --The Miami Herald

"...Bacon shared his witty and empathic sense of fun with the crowd... an ingenious way of circumventing what could have turned into an excruciatingly stuffy evening..."  --St. Louis Post Dispatch

"...his perfect comedic timing and ability... earned him the loudest applause..."  --The Arizona Republic

Quotes from Presenters can be seen here.

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