043small.jpg (10685 bytes)Concert of the Spirit
A Service of Music and Reflection


Thomas Bacon, Horn

A unique program of inspirational music celebrating the Spirit.

Duration: Approximately 75 minutes
Venue: Recital Hall, Chapel or Church

Featuring Thomas Bacon with collaborative pianist, and assisted by a choir of eight horns, every piece on the program is music inspired by some spiritual or liturgical theme. It is also an interdenominational service for anyone who wants to celebrate the Spirit through music, and/or just loves the sound of the French horn.

It includes prelude & postlude, hymns, prayers, congregational singing, moments of reflection, a message, and all of it is done with music. Mr. Bacon leads the concert/service, providing informational verbal introductions to each piece and relevant short inspirational readings, quoting from the Bible, from great spiritual leaders, and from personal experience. He performs on his horn, along with pianist and a choir of angels (eight French horns) in different parts of the program.

It can be presented on a college campus in the recital or concert hall, or in a chapel or church. Whatever the venue, it must have a good piano and performing area large enough for piano and horn choir.

The first performance of "Concert of the Spirit" was April 2, 2003, at the First United Methodist Church in Conway, Arkansas. View the program here.

What people are saying about Concert of the Spirit:

Oklahoma Baptist University on 10/5/04
"The continuity of a typical Protestant worship service provided a comfortable environment in which to hear - and to be inspired by the music. The horn ensemble added wonderful sonorities to Mr. Bacon's virtuosic horn playing." Paul Hammond, Dean of Fine Arts

Hope College - Dimnent Chapel on 1/21/04
"... fabulous concert ... very powerful, and more spiritual than many church services that I have been to! Nobody can leave this concert without having been deeply moved." Roy Keech, retired finance officer

Hope College - Dimnent Chapel on 1/21/04
"For my students, colleagues and myself, the Concert of the Spirit was wonderfully inspirational - both musically and spiritually." Thom Working, French horn Instructor

Concert of the Spirit at the Palau de la Música, Valencia Spain, July, 2004

Hope College - Dimnent Chapel on 1/21/04
"... a spiritually refreshing service that used music in a way that transcends the norm. It was an emotionally engaging experience..." Paul Wesselink, Intern Worship Leader in the Campus Ministries

Hope College - Dimnent Chapel on 1/21/04
"It touches the heart in more ways than ... it simply fills the heart to overflowing." Margaret Gage, member of West Michigan Horn Choir

Central United Methodist Church, Traverse City, Michigan on 1/18/04 --
"We caught a glimpse of the music of heaven." Tamara Williams, Associate Pastor

Central United Methodist Church, Traverse City, Michigan on 1/18/04 --
"It was a beautiful religious experience, and it was a beautiful musical experience." Byron Hanson, pianist

West Texas A&M University, on 11/1/03
It was an inspirational concert both musically and spiritually! The music and your comments brought the listeners along on a spiritual journey that left them refreshed and deeply moved. My horn choir students were excited to be performing with you, and we hope we can have you here again!  Ron Lemon, Horn Professor

West Texas A&M University, on 11/1/03
The Concert of the Spirit was without a doubt one of the best concerts I have ever attended. Not only was the music superb, but the content of the program just lifted my spirit. I came out feeling blessed and nurtured.  Kay Lemon, Music Teacher

West Texas A&M University, on 11/1/03
This concert was a beautiful demonstration of music that truly uplifts the soul. I found it to be not only a majestic and regal performance, but one that was soothing to listen to after a long day at work. I was very touched by this concert.  Lori Lemon, student

First United Methodist Church of Conway, Arkansas, on 4/2/03 --
"The overwhelming response I heard from people here was how much they appreciated your efforts to make the event a spiritual one. They enjoyed your spoken comments, and the way you were able to help them interpret the different pieces ... we were delighted and enthralled by your presentation; from the choice of music and your interpretation of it, to your very personable introductions to each piece, which allowed us to feel involved on a spiritual plane even as we sat back in the pew. Many, many thanks for including us in your itinerary, and for working so hard to make it right for our situation. It was a real pleasure to meet you, as well as to hear you play, and we would be honored and delighted to welcome you back any time you are in the area." Janet Gingerich, Director of Music

First United Methodist Church of Conway, Arkansas, on 4/2/03 --
"Hosting your new Concert of the Spirit was a real treat for my horn studio, as well as the community at large. We drew four other universities in the audience, as well as a crowd of Wednesday-evening church-goers. The program was really well-conceived, very different than anything we've ever experienced. And my horn ensemble students were thrilled to get to perform with you! All in all, a great change of pace. I would recommend this kind of sacred horn program to anyone. Thanks for an inspirational time!" Brent Shires, Horn Professor

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