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"Playing the horn is easy.  If you're having to work at it, you're doing something wrong." 

-- Barry Tuckwell
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A Horn Player's Study Guide

by Thomas Bacon


A Horn Player's Study Guide is intended to direct horn players at all levels of development towards appropriate study materials and repertoire. Music educators and studio teachers can use it for repertoire ideas, and horn players from beginner to advanced and even professional levels can use it to assess their own level of achievement.

This Guide represents six levels of ability, from beginner to professional. Players develop different strengths at different times: one player may have the range of a Level 6 but the tone and technique of a Level 3 player. Another might have a Level 6 tone and technique, but the range of a Level 3 player. Still another, through diligence and devoted practice might achieve an acceptable performance of a Level 6 piece, but lack many of the other skills such as sight-reading ability, or the extensive knowledge of repertoire and styles that a real Level 6 achievement requires.

The fact is, we can all benefit greatly from mixing up our practice routines to include selections from more than one level. Most professional players, besides practicing repertoire for their next recording or concert tour, also still practice tone building and scale exercises similar to what beginners must work on.

A Horn Player's Study Guide does not pretend to be all inclusive. The Guide lists only a small portion of the available methods, etudes, horn ensembles, orchestra, band, chamber music and solo repertoire for horn. Study of all such material is important and should be included in your daily practice routine. Also, this Guide is not intended to replace a private lesson teacher. There is no book that can substitute for a qualified teacher, one with the ability to demonstrate and inspire, and the knowledge to guide the student according to his/her individual needs, desires and special talents.

All musical materials in The Horn Player's Study Guide are available from your local music dealer or from:

Southern Music Company
In the U.S., please call 1-800-284-5443 for orders, or
FAX:  512-223-4537

This Study Guide is:
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