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LAST UPDATE : 02/01/07

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Alexander Technique -- "The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique"
AMG (All Media Guide) -- Classical music search
Becoming an Orchestral Musician -- A guide for aspiring professionals
Children's Music Workshop -- "provides quality instrumental music instruction to public and private schools throughout the greater Los Angeles area"
The Community Music Mailing List
Hickey's Music Center -- "The Internet Resource for Everyone Who Loves Music!"
Lark in the Morning Wind Instruments -- where to buy a  Bodhran, Tarogato, Cannon Kazoo, or Whistling Pot
Musical Chairs --Excellent site for information on European orchestras and openings.
Musicians and Injuries -- A good web site with information about all types of music related injuries.
Reunion Blues Bags -- soft cases for musical instruments
Rome Festival
Squires Productions -- "Classical music recording, mixing, editing, re-mastering and post-production."
Texas School Music Project
Wichita Band Instrument Co. -- "Good selection and short waiting times."
Wild About Music -- "Art & gifts from the worlds first and only gift and art gallery dedicated exclusively to music and the performing arts."
WilliamPetit -- Buy and sell early musical instruments.
Windplayer -- "The world's #1 publication for woodwind and brass musicians."

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